The golf club is always looking for new members, both male and female, of every standard!
The Golf Club play an average of twice a month, and try to have a weekend away and day bus trips during the year depending on numbers. Golf members also enjoy a friendly get together and presentation after each game, either at the venue where the game was played or back at the RSL where food is provided.
There is a list on the notice board in the club for each game and if you are interested, either as a new member or visitor, you can put your name down and your telephone details should it be necessary to contact you.
To be a member of the Golf Club you must be a member of the RSL Club Limited.
Courses we will play in 2016 include: Antill Park, Auburn, George's River, Hurstville and Sefton.

Should anyone be interested in joining the Golf Club you can contact:

You can also make contact with any Golf Members at the Padstow RSL Club                
Ph 9773 0528 on most nights of the week or make enquiries at the reception.

2018 Schedule

14th January 7:00 Georges River
4thFebruary 7:20 GeorgesRiver
18th February 6:26 Rosnay
11th March 7:30 Hurstville
25th March 7:00 Bexley
8th April 6:45 Randwick
22nd April 8:12 Massey Park
6th May 8:17 Antill Park
27th May 7:10 Hurstville
17th June 7:30 Randwick
8th July 6:56

Georges River

29th July 7:30 Hurstville
12th August 8:00 Antill Park
26th August 6:20 Rosnay
9th September 8:00 Massey Park
23rd Septembe 7:10 Calderwood
14th October 6:40 Georges River
28th October 7:00 Bexley
11th November 7:00 Cumberland
25th November 6:08 Rosnay
16th December 8:10 Sefton